IPC/FAHJ Events for the end of March 2014


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billjr13xOur organizations are proud to announce the following events for this, the last week of March, 2014. These events are open to thew public in most cases but, our invitations are focused on media and VIP’s.  Please make sure you R.S.V.P. to the contact provided and, that you follow all instructions for registration (when registration is required).

Our dear friend and Rock and Roll legend, Mr, Lee Tiger of the Miccosukee tribe of Indians of Florida will be appearing at St. Thomas University on this Wednesday March  26 (see image above), then…,

On Friday the 28th at noon (Happy Wine in Coconut Grove at 2833 Bird Ave.33133)

The cost of lunch is $20 and it includes a glass of wine, main and dessert. To RSVP your spot at  he event please,

follow this link ( https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YBQKK29D2TY2G ).

Due to the very limited space we will not be able to guarantee admission to anyone who does not RSVP.–

Then, on Monday march 31st, we will be opening the Hispanicize session at the Miami-Dade County Commission building from 8:45 am to noon with the first two workshops for Hispanic media. For media registration or, just more details please fill in the form below :

Lee Tiger (1)



“History is full of secrets, forgotten stories, and fascinating but little-known facts. One is the true story of

how during the 1700s the government of Spain recognized and signed treaties with several Florida Indian

tribes, including the Miccosukees.

Buffalo Tiger knew of the historical importance of emphasizing the Spanish treaty with the Miccosukee

Tribe. In 1982 Buffalo Tiger and son Lee visited Madrid, Spain and were honored to make the

acquaintance of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. The King was given a handmade peace pipe crafted

by Buffalo Tiger, and Lee Tiger presented the Queen a Miccosukee patchwork skirt. The Miccosukee

delegation also gifted the Madrid zoo with an alligator from the Florida Everglades. During this time,

Buffalo Tiger and Lee Tiger visited the archives of Seville, Spain to research the secret Spanish treaties

with the Florida American Indians.

Lee and his brother Stephen also made a rare musical performance with their band Tiger Tiger. This was

their first appearance in Spain and they went back several times to play for an audience of thousands.

The Tiger brothers went on to play sold-out shows in several Latin American countries.

Tiger Tiger was born out of the late 60’s & became a regional success in the 70’s, going global by the

80’s. Following the loss of Stephen in 2006, Lee had to revaluate how Tiger Tiger could move on to a

new era. He eventually made a decision to move Tiger Tiger forward under his direction as song writer,

producer, and musician to produce his own CD New Era which features his new 21st century sound. New

Era blends sounds from Lee’s past, present and future influences, such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and

The Kinks. Lee also includes the Mo Town Rock and Soul Rhythms that he picked up while playing with

one of his late 60’s groups, The Seven of Us (became NRBQ). He has recently traveled to the Dominican

Republic where he acquired an interest in Latin rhythms and instruments which he incorporated in this

latest project. The CD opens with the power punch rock song “Red Rocks the Earth,” telling the story of

survival of Native American people and the success of The Seminole Tribe’s acquisition of the Hard Rock

international franchise which truly rocks the earth! Lee Tiger’s new CD celebrates the magic of the city of

Miami along with interwoven lyrics about life, true love, his passion for music, the pursuit of happiness &

the joy of sharing his music with all.

Although the Miccosukee Tribe was brought into the global spotlight through the performances of the

Tiger Tiger band and travel shows attended by Buffalo Tiger, the centuries-old Spanish treaty remains a

little-known fact. Buffalo Tiger is still living comfortably in Kendall, FL with his wife, and Lee is continuing

his and his brother’s dream of sharing their life experiences through music.”


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